Assembly Information

To set up the goal and the Soccer Blocker® is quite easy. To open the goal, hold with thin portion up; then find the strip of velcro; unravel the velcro and stand back!


When Goal is open it's 4 feet tall at the apex, and six feet across... and very lightweight!



To assemble the Soccer Blocker®, untie the shoelaces on both ends.





Once you have the two Soccer Blockers® separated from each other, bring the pointed tips together and attach velcro to velcro. Make sure that the velcro squares are snug with each other


Now take the other end of the soccer blocker where you find the shoelaces and attach the Soccer Blockers® to the frame of any 6 foot goal or opening.


Keep in mind that the shoelaces must pass under the Soccer Blockers® in order to attach it to the frame of the goal.



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