Par 3 Soccer, the kicking game where every player always has a ball!

Three ways to have fun…
(1) designing your own course. Some people actually have contests to see who can design the best course.

(2) playing the game while walking the course (the way that most people play traditional golf. This is the ideal way for a group to play the game, in particular a group that includes both male and female, young and older.

(3) Playing the game while running the course (some track stars actually play traditional golf, with golf clubs, while running the golf course with stop watch in operation. Par 3 Soccer offers 2 running options; one uses a stop watch and the other does not use a stop watch.

(a) with stop-watch. Start the clock with the first kick at the start of the course. Allow ten seconds per hole with no penalty. Continuous running. The clock stops only upon completion of the entire course. Tee-off for "the next hole" within ten feet of the hole just completed. If the course has 9 holes, and yields of score of (say) 29 in ninety seconds or less, the score remains the same (29). For every ten seconds beyond 90 seconds, add one "stroke" to the score. For example, if the time is 92 seconds, the score changes to 30. If the time is 108 seconds, the score changes to 31.

(b) without stop-watch. At the "tee box," players line up next to each other facing the goal (as though at the starting line of the 100 meter dash). When started, players race each other while kicking the ball to the goal. No need to count how many kicks are needed. Players endeavor to be the first to put the ball into the goal before the other players. First in records a one on the scorecard; second records a 2; third records a 3, etc. Upon completion of the course, add the scores; low score wins.

Notes: No matter which version is being played, players may punt only when teeing-off (or set the ball on the ground to tee off). Also, regardless of which version is being played, the tee-shot must be made within ten feet of the just-completed goal.

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