As indicated elsewhere, soccer-golf is played in groups of up to six people. It's essential that each of the six soccer balls have a unique look with regards to the other five soccer balls.

Par 3 Soccer sells six-packs of size 5 soccer balls, with, of course, six different looking soccer balls per pack. A carry-bag is included with each six-pack. The cost per ball is $19.95 plus shipping. California buyers will have to pay the California sales tax.

Goals come in a set of three.
First set is priced at
Each additional set is priced at $355.

You have the choice between two styles of goal, both are six feet across and easily accommodate the soccer-blocker.

Picture of goal #1

Picture of goal #2

Our founder shows that the equipment is light weight, easy to move, and store.

To purchase the game of Soccer-Golf by phone; please call us at 760.803.4935

To make a online order please go to our on-line line order form by clicking on-line ordering below

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