The origins of Par 3 Soccer…
A certain American male had retired from the Marine Corps and became a school teacher, to include physical education. He was a lifelong athlete, fitness buff, and 5k runner. During his college years, he was an employee of the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation. The USMC occasionally assigned him with management of parks, recreation, athletics, and education. Through it all, Glenn Bernard eventually realized that, except for (traditional) golf, there were no outdoor ball games available for equal, unrestrained enjoyment for people of all ages and both genders to play together. But of course, "the family picnic" never takes place on/at a traditional golf course.

Furthermore, recently, Glenn was vacationing with his wife in Italy, at a time when Italy's soccer team advanced to the semi-finals in the World Cup Soccer tournament. They went to a public park with thousands of the locals in order to watch the game on a giant screen. Italy's final game ended in a tie, which means that the unpopular format involving penalty kicks was used to break the tie. The penalty-kick format is quick to enact, but bears very little similarity to the game. In terms of a lifetime of observations, this was the moment wherein it all came together in Glenn's imagination, as he easily envisioned these athletes breaking the tie by playing soccer-golf.

Par 3 Soccer would be a better way to break a tied score at the end of the game. Any number of the players could be involved, possibly all of them. One goal could be placed in each corner of the field, and possibly a 5th goal could be place in the center of the field. Either version of Par 3 Soccer (running or walking) is a more enjoyable way to break a tied score when compared to the penalty-kick format.

Who Else Should Be Playing Par 3 Soccer?

· Families, every member of the family capable of walking…mom, dad, the aunts, the uncles, and even the grand parents. Don't just be a "soccer mom," by only watching your kids in recreation…play with them! Take at least a 3 hole course with you to the parks and beaches every time you go.
· Schools, k through 12. Par 3 Soccer is the only outdoor activity which PE teachers can leave in place all day long for any and all classes, whether kindergarten, 12th grade, and all the grades in between. Perfect for Adaptive PE situations, as the game is probably perfect "as is" for virtually all scenarios. Also a helpful activity for the little ones to identify colors (each soccer ball has different colors); to spell their own name and the names of their classmates so as to properly utilize the scorecard; and it gives them practice counting, writing numbers, and adding numbers.

AS people immediately realize that soccer-golf is better than miniature golf, schools utilize Par 3 Soccer as their primary fund-raising activity; some as often as once per month. Turn those athletic fields into a soccer-golf course, charging families less money than it would cost to go to a miniature golf course. Some families now pay $45 to rent 3 holes of Par 3 Soccer on a Friday-to-Monday basis.

· City Parks and Recreation have Par 3 Soccer for all of the reasons mentioned above, especially since no other outdoor game (with ball) exists which is wonderful for all members of the family (traditional golfing is normally prohibited at all schools and parks).

* Soccer teams, soccer clubs, YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, and any family-oriented resort should offer Par 3 Soccer.

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