Because "Par 3 Soccer" is in fact the perfect game…
1. the walking version is equally popular as the running version (there is no other game with this feature); all teachers will want to play

2. schools need an enjoyable outdoor walking game during hot weather

3. the only school game with universal appeal (yes, k through 12) and enjoyment (outside of school, players range in age from 3 to 93…this broader group will be your weekend, paying customers)

4. the walking version is perfectly suitable as is for an overwhelming majority of "adaptive p.e." students; even the students in wheelchairs can play this game like polo (if they have at least one functioning arm)

5. if schools truly endeavor to prepare students for success, we should acknowledge that golf is the game which successful adults usually enjoy on a regular basis; Par 3 Soccer is the closest and best legal "introduction to golf" we can offer to our students while on campus

6. girls win as often as the boys

7. a player's age is often not a predictor as to who will win (a 10-year old girl can usually give an 18-year old boy some great competition…and grandmas can beat their grandsons in the walking version)

8. it's fun to design the course; those who own the game often have contests
to see who can design the best course (all equipment is very lightweight)

Two easy fund-raising formats (normally in conjunction with weekends):
1. On Saturdays, the PTA or the Band or the Baseball Team,etc will set up the course on the school's athletic fields and have a couple of people seated at a table by the entrance. Charge $7 to $10 to play a round, and a couple of extra dollars to those who need to rent a soccer ball (let them bring their own ball). Sometimes, customers will buy a new ball from you, then donate same to the school when they're done.

2. On Fridays (when nothing is planned on Saturday), people will want to pay about $45 to rent 3 holes of 'P3S' for the weekend, normally as part of a family outing at the beach or at a park. That's a lot of revenue for schools that own 18 holes. The cost of a nine-hole course is $899, plus delivery (California buyers also pay California sales tax). With a little initiative, the equipment will pay for itself in less than 50 days (pure profit thereafter). Par 3 Soccer is US-patented.

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